About Formula

For most Kiwis, learning to drive and acquiring a driver’s licence is a major milestone in life. Whether it be getting from A to B for work, school or sport, going on weekend roadies, driving to the supermarket or just cruising around town on Friday night, driving provides a freedom that’s pretty hard to beat.

However, being in charge of a vehicle carries a massive responsibility. After all, with the average domestic car weighing in at 1500kg, a lot of damage can be done if not operated with adequate driving skills and constant attention to what’s going on around you.

So that’s why, at Formula Driving School, we properly prepare our customers to pass their driver licence tests and go on to be safe, fully aware and responsible drivers on New Zealand’s roads.

The Formula Car

At Formula Driving School we have a preference for the Ford Fiesta Sport. Even though it’s only 1000cc it has plenty of pep with a factory turbo. It’s a reliable and comfortable vehicle with dual brake controls for the driving instructor and your peace of mind. Our cars have automatic transmission so if you want to learn in a manual you will need to supply your own vehicle.

For first-time drivers wanting to learn to drive a manual vehicle we recommend a couple of initial lessons in our automatic Ford Fiesta Sport before you progress to lessons in a manual. This way, you can concentrate on the driving fundamentals before becoming accustomed to a clutch and gear changing.


The Formula Wall-of-Fame appears here on our website to celebrate those who have passed their driving tests. Appearing on the wall is optional but it features just about everyone who’s been through Formula lessons then gone onto various levels of official driving success. The full wall is here on our website and new additions are added regularly on our Facebook page.

Visit the Wall-of-Fame and like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with news, updates and special offers.

Dash-Cam Video

All of Formula’s cars have mounted dash cams that record video of your entire driving lesson.

Following your driving lesson and a discussion with your instructor parts of your lesson can be supplied electronically so you can review areas of your driving that you may need to work on.

Our People & Credentials

Our driving instructors are all NZTA accredited, which means you always get a fully qualified driving instructor to ride by your side and teach you to become a safe, responsible and confident driver.

Martin Bremner

Martin has mentored and trained many people during a 25-year career in the corporate sector including helping set up and direct a highly successful national recruitment agency. Martin’s broad skill-set in dealing with a wide array of people means he understands that everyone has different learning needs. So when it comes to learning to drive Martin knows it’s all about coming up with the right formula for success for each individual within a supportive and enjoyable learning environment.